Trucks are getting out of hand

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Listen, we love trucks. We love going fast. But this is getting absurd. Pickup trucks are as fast as supercars now! But how did we get to this point? We ranked of some of the fastest trucks of all-time based on 0-60 times to show you how ridiculous these machines have gotten. This is the D-list!

Check out the Up To Speed on Hennessey:

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  1. Donut Media

    Donut MediaPřed 2 měsíci

    Thanks to Manscaped for sponsoring today’s video! Get 20% off + shipping with the link

  2. corner kid

    corner kidPřed měsícem

    Nun of modern el camino crap just get sewd it is better than that purple crap

  3. Nick Finzer

    Nick FinzerPřed 2 měsíci

    Tired of Nolan talking about shaving his balls.

  4. Jacob Glaspell

    Jacob GlaspellPřed 2 měsíci

    Make an uptospeed on the honda trx 700xx

  5. JustFallsOver

    JustFallsOverPřed 2 měsíci

    Do a diesel edition!

  6. Jimmy Angel

    Jimmy AngelPřed 2 měsíci

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  7. L2THEC1

    L2THEC1Před 19 hodinami

    Damn, that fast, that high up is Insane...

  8. The game X

    The game XPřed dnem

    Exelente job ind this videos!! Opening my mind for what is possible, here from Brazil lol. Love your’s gays channel, hope it keep doing well. Wish u the best!

  9. Brandon Pierce

    Brandon PiercePřed 2 dny

    Buy a diesel and put a tune on it. It will be as fast as just about anything in this video and you can actually do truck stuff with it.


    NO PC PODCASTPřed 2 dny

    I didn’t see S10

  11. Tristan Pacifici

    Tristan PacificiPřed 2 dny

    Can you guys do an up to speed on the chevy K/C series or GMT400s

  12. Joseph Keller

    Joseph KellerPřed 3 dny

    The legal guatemalan expectantly stroke because wolf rationally excite inside a silent screw. illegal, subdued lock

  13. Daniel Gamas

    Daniel GamasPřed 3 dny

    Definitely don't want this power train to slow down, need more POWER!

  14. Robert Welch

    Robert WelchPřed 3 dny

    Saddened that the Lighting's rival, the Dodge Dakota R/T, wasn't mentioned

  15. Uncle Joe

    Uncle JoePřed 3 dny

    Non-USAers will find this all pretty disappointing & disheartening.

  16. Smokenchoken 173

    Smokenchoken 173Před 3 dny

    Rangers and S10s out here with 4-500 hp smallblocks embarrassing all these numbers lol

  17. Jeff Gehring

    Jeff GehringPřed 3 dny

    You all forgot the Ford F150 Tremor. FX4 trucks ran 0-60 in 5.9 seconds. Sure onl6 1045 FX2 and 2025 FX4 were built but that is higher numbers than some of the other tucks listed.

  18. Colt Mccaskie

    Colt MccaskiePřed 4 dny

    Great video

  19. Victor Arredondo

    Victor ArredondoPřed 5 dny

    Do a vid on reacting to taukache dropped and lifted trucks, with you and your buddies!!

  20. Arreola _02

    Arreola _02Před 6 dny

    I wonder where the average takuache truck goes on that list 😂

  21. Ryan Water

    Ryan WaterPřed 6 dny

    Oh.. if the SSR is on the list, where's my El Camino SS?!?

  22. Robert William

    Robert WilliamPřed 7 dny

    I hate how trucks are luxury now. What happened to the rugged farm pickup? Now it’s the successful family vehicle. And all the trim levels? What’s with that?

  23. Its_Davey24

    Its_Davey24Před 8 dny

    I think the Nite in nitemare may be from the package for the F-150 and Bronco in the 90’s called the Nite

  24. G1 Worldwide

    G1 WorldwidePřed 8 dny

    Awesome jokes

  25. josh dillard

    josh dillardPřed 8 dny

    10:31 *list not numbered,

  26. sparrow

    sparrowPřed 8 dny

    Would u consider the 2007 ford explorer sport trac with the v8 a fast truck I'm pretty sure it has the same engine as the new edge mustang and it feels faster for some reason aulthough I'm pretty sure its chunkier Imparenly owners of those really cursed short bed bois like to put the 5.4 in there

  27. Chris Cain

    Chris CainPřed 9 dny

    Man not trying to drag any but a 5.9 or 4.7 dodge Dakota could've made the list. I know people that ran 0-60 in 6 sec.

  28. Carlos Zubizarreta

    Carlos ZubizarretaPřed 9 dny

    Why wasn’t the Shelby Baja Raptor mentioned? 🤔

  29. Lil Pold

    Lil PoldPřed 9 dny

    Trucks are disgusting 🤢

  30. Józef Korzeniowski

    Józef KorzeniowskiPřed 10 dny

    Shit's dumb as hell, but so is pretending supercars are serious race cars on some level of legitimacy near F1, CanAm, or P1 race cars. We're all being ridiculous here. EMBRACE THAT SHIT. Don't try to tell me you're stupidity is better than mine.

  31. Józef Korzeniowski

    Józef KorzeniowskiPřed 10 dny

    "rarely are people like dang dude that's one fast truck" Maybe your truck, homie. I devised the profile on my performance chip myself, cold air intake, and upgrade the exhaust on my 12 Silverado LT. My truck smokes. Comes with 400+ hp stock... The hell else are you supposed to do?

  32. Yashveer Ahlawat

    Yashveer AhlawatPřed 10 dny

    I just discover this channel , and due to this dude's power and style I am just watching all of their video . Although I was not into cars before but after seeing him I am in 😂

  33. morgan donaldson

    morgan donaldsonPřed 11 dny

    attempt at a good video but dude is so fucking annoying

  34. Jamie Shields

    Jamie ShieldsPřed 12 dny

    You forgot VF HSV GTSR Maloo ute but then these are rare hens n are fast.

  35. ShadowWhisper94

    ShadowWhisper94Před 12 dny

    The SSR legitimately makes my eyeballs want to implode in on themselves.

  36. Rxze

    RxzePřed 12 dny

    Cars besides a hellcat got lame

  37. Nathan Brisebois

    Nathan BriseboisPřed 13 dny

    In my neck of the woods people worship the Ecoboost... but then again they also shit on any truck that isn't a Ford

  38. innocent tawanda Musakaruka

    innocent tawanda MusakarukaPřed 13 dny

    Your eyes are red i think u need to see an optician asap 😁

  39. Connor Jones

    Connor JonesPřed 14 dny

    No love for the Toyota Tacoma x runner that had a boosted v6 and a 6 speed manual 😔

  40. markus

    markusPřed 14 dny

    i bet Max is a fan of Kero Kero Benito

  41. John Mincey

    John MinceyPřed 14 dny

    I can’t whistle either it’s ok

  42. Alex Manning

    Alex ManningPřed 15 dny

    So you put in the SSR but no Holdens

  43. Ethan Robinson

    Ethan RobinsonPřed 15 dny

    This show literally brightens my dad. U gotta love James

  44. Peter T

    Peter TPřed 16 dny

    I'd like to know where any of the Aussie Ute's fit on this list. Maloo anyone...

  45. Nevertoolatetoescape

    NevertoolatetoescapePřed 16 dny

    No 98-03 Dakota 5.9 R/T?

  46. Tonydoubletap

    TonydoubletapPřed 16 dny

    Where's the silverado yenko sc

  47. Seven Bates

    Seven BatesPřed 16 dny

    They make magnetic tape with stronger magnetic strips, fellas. Bordering on the edge of irritating watching him fumble with getting them slapped up on the metal.

  48. chris l

    chris lPřed 17 dny

    i like that hennessy 1000 mo powa babah

  49. Herioz

    HeriozPřed 17 dny

    357 stone, 5000 lbs, as metric user still no idea how much it is.

  50. TC ThatsMe

    TC ThatsMePřed 17 dny

    So what you are saying is that Hennessy added $70,000.00 to the price of the SRT 10 to gain 1/2 of a second from 0-60? Only in America.

  51. Mf Ghost

    Mf GhostPřed 17 dny

    I was going to chew u out but dodge got a hidden truck that goes faster Nd drove one

  52. CaRdOzAGaMeZ

    CaRdOzAGaMeZPřed 17 dny

    where is the dakota RT or ???

  53. Mitch Hart

    Mitch HartPřed 17 dny

    I can't be the only one that thinks Hennessey are a bunch of talentless hacks. They've never built a single original car (For God's sake, the F5 isn't a real car, it's a polished turd that will never come out, and if it does, it's not going to be the Chiron killer that people seem to think it is.) and I couldn't leave out the number of lawsuits that have been brought against John Hennessey and his company. One for selling the factory parts of clients' cars while they're in the shop to be tuned and taking deposits from customers and never building the car they asked for. To end this argument, the Venom F5 doesn't exist, John Hennessey is a total wanker, he's one of the most prolific conmen in the aftermarket tuning industry, his cars suck and everything his company supposedly "builds" is made by GM, Ford or another manufacturer.

  54. Kyle Schilling

    Kyle SchillingPřed 17 dny

    11:21 THAT ANAL!

  55. Nicolas Busse

    Nicolas BussePřed 18 dny

    Far from the ground while driving that fast. Why not?! Words of wisdom

  56. Jovani Cortez

    Jovani CortezPřed 18 dny

    Why is that Im actually on the toilet as he mentions it🤔😂

  57. Ya Like Jazz

    Ya Like JazzPřed 18 dny

    Subaru Brat will always be the best truck in my eyes, you can’t argue with a 0-60 of 52 seconds

  58. Tony Decko

    Tony DeckoPřed 18 dny

    LOVING the HP war in trucks right now!!!!!

  59. Ian Visser

    Ian VisserPřed 18 dny

    The SRT 10 is probs the only fast truck I like. It's legitimately practical, just needs longer suspension to raise it a bit

  60. Ian Visser

    Ian VisserPřed 18 dny

    I dont get why they make trucks big, but dont increase ground clearance... It's stupid

  61. Beer DeliveryGuy

    Beer DeliveryGuyPřed 19 dny

    how do i stop getting this garbage channel in my reccomendations?

  62. A Ranting Culinarian Pastor

    A Ranting Culinarian Pastor Před 19 dny

    “Lambor gine shine delablo”

  63. Scott B.

    Scott B.Před 19 dny

    Trucks are no longer trucks. They are luxury passenger vehicles with a tiny bed on the back.

  64. Victor Sanchez

    Victor SanchezPřed 19 dny

    Why not adding the Amarok V6?? Come on that is the real Raptor killer

  65. Carlos Zdravkovic

    Carlos ZdravkovicPřed 18 dny

    Considering that the Raptor is now just a dressed up v6 F150, and completely overhyped. Every single one on the road has a fart can at least

  66. MidWest_Interceptor

    MidWest_InterceptorPřed 19 dny

    Ford is doing it right with trucks dodge has the ShitRX and Chevy has well nothing except terrible designs

  67. thrupodi

    thrupodiPřed 19 dny

    I know I’m not the only one thinking about how many pieces a human would break into being hit by one of these trucks going full speed.

  68. Next Gen

    Next GenPřed 19 dny

    The nice dungeon synchronously wink because pain intringuingly argue opposite a yummy okra. hysterical, keen anteater

  69. Yacine ALG

    Yacine ALGPřed 19 dny

    Imagine a pick up faster than a motorcycle, my Varadero-1000 does 4,3s to the 62 mph while those trucks do less than me, damn...

  70. Captain Axan

    Captain AxanPřed 19 dny

    When your talking about fast trucks you just can’t forget to bring up the ford Svt lightning

  71. stupidity studios

    stupidity studiosPřed 19 dny

    what about the 2013 silverado ss

  72. El Media

    El MediaPřed 19 dny

    11:21!!! 🤣 😂

  73. Jacob Stofmeel

    Jacob StofmeelPřed 20 dny

    No Australian Holden and Ford "pickup trucks" (utes)?

  74. MrXcman92

    MrXcman92Před 20 dny

    2:38 "7.4L V8" holy shi- "255HP" lol weak!

  75. Hairless Chewbacca

    Hairless ChewbaccaPřed 20 dny

    That roush nitemare 😍

  76. Steven Pace

    Steven PacePřed 21 dnem

    Hummer ev

  77. Justin Updyke

    Justin UpdykePřed 21 dnem

    The only thing this video has accomplished for me is to make me want a Syclone even more.

  78. carlos espinoza

    carlos espinozaPřed 21 dnem

    Cyclone is the best

  79. Erich Douglas

    Erich DouglasPřed 21 dnem

    Man, as a truck guy, whyd you gotta throw the subtle shrimp jokes in there 😂

  80. Noah Simon the comedian

    Noah Simon the comedianPřed 21 dnem

    My pops has the special edition Marlboro cigarette syclone, I mean how cool were the nineties? a fucking performance truck that had a cigarette special edition, that’s so cool. I’m glad he quite but he defiantly smoked cigarettes at the right time

  81. William Mirams

    William MiramsPřed 21 dnem

    James. Please stack the magnets neater. There's plenty of space on that monolith and you just place them terribly and it irks me so badly I get Forest Whitaker eye. 😂🤞🏽🤞🏽🙏🙏

  82. Dritan HOXHAJ

    Dritan HOXHAJPřed 21 dnem


  83. justin wolfe

    justin wolfePřed 21 dnem

    Your to funny man, sometimes corny but usually hilarious

  84. JC Solis

    JC SolisPřed 22 dny

    Imho, having a super powerful engine like what's in the Mammoth 1000 or the TRX in your truck makes more sense and sounds more useful than stuffing them into a car, even a muscle or super car. You can haul ass and haul an ass load of stuff with a big beefy engine like that. That's what I think.

  85. Ted R

    Ted RPřed 22 dny

    where are the maloos and xr8's

  86. Colby Hann

    Colby HannPřed 22 dny

    love it

  87. Jackson Songer

    Jackson SongerPřed 22 dny

    Imagine all that engineering only to be beaten by a 40 year old design tbi v6 in a mini truck

  88. Brandon McCoy

    Brandon McCoyPřed 22 dny

    Basically the GMC Syclone is the fastest production pickup truck unless you go aftermarket

  89. McLaren Geek

    McLaren GeekPřed 22 dny

    The rivian r1t is availibel now, and then there’s the f-150 lightning as electic in 2022

  90. chiwinini adventure

    chiwinini adventurePřed 22 dny

    Forgot the dodge ram dakota rt 5.9 😥

  91. Ossey Aldapa

    Ossey AldapaPřed 22 dny

    Did our boy even cover the new lightning?⚡ 🌩️ ⚡

  92. SG Spoon

    SG SpoonPřed 23 dny

    I like your video but please stop your 2min publicity….we see enought on internet just make me want skip the video.

  93. ii- Sleepless

    ii- SleeplessPřed 23 dny

    Video idea: Top 20 pick up trucks

  94. pony richards

    pony richardsPřed 23 dny

    "THATS as FAST as a mclaren f1 but its a FREAKIN TRUCK" lol

  95. Post Alone

    Post AlonePřed 23 dny

    Ok I need a velociraptor V8 ASAP

  96. Post Alone

    Post AlonePřed 23 dny

    All of a sudden I need a Syclone (and a Lightning)

  97. Valentine Garcia

    Valentine GarciaPřed 23 dny

    Damn, no love for the Yenko Silverado??

  98. Dakota Daulton

    Dakota DaultonPřed 24 dny

    Mo powa baby

  99. Falcon112

    Falcon112Před 24 dny

    Ford has the 7.3L V8 gas engine that they twin-turbocharged to have 1100 horsepower which they could supercharge to probably get more horsepower and then put into the raptor.

  100. Astral Eagle

    Astral EaglePřed 25 dny

    Oh man, i used to deliver parts for Ford to bodyshops around northwest Indiana, and on my route there was a Little Red Express for sale, and i wanted it really bad. Sold before i could save enough money. :(..

  101. Dankzilla4200

    Dankzilla4200Před 25 dny

    Electric Trucks for the win.. i.c.e trucks suck. Don't get stuck in the past if you think you like to go fast.

  102. Ike Bury Dead Inside

    Ike Bury Dead InsidePřed 25 dny

    Imagine the gas prices for these beauty's

  103. Justin Time

    Justin TimePřed 25 dny

    The wire reference was spot on bro

  104. Tom M

    Tom MPřed 25 dny

    I think the 1970 El Camino SS with the LS6 450hp 454 would have been faster than the lil' Red Express.

  105. Ralph Lazio

    Ralph LazioPřed 25 dny

    I’ll take the ‘Raptor’ with the N/A 6.2L V8…. D0ne.

  106. Bob Rogers

    Bob RogersPřed 26 dny

    my 2021 chevy has a turbo and its for sure different