Why F1 Banned Their Best Car

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By 1993, Formula One had become very much a high-tech arena and the FW15C was at the very forefront, featuring active suspension, anti-lock brakes, traction control, telemetry, drive-by-wire controls, pneumatic engine valve springs, power steering, semi-automatic transmission, a fully-automatic transmission, and also a continuously variable transmission. But Just two weeks after testing the FIA banned Williams' car. Today on B2B we're gonna find out why.

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  1. UnboxingDoomDays

    UnboxingDoomDaysPřed 23 hodinami

    That's why F1 so many lose interest in it

  2. UnboxingDoomDays

    UnboxingDoomDaysPřed 23 hodinami


  3. Prypiat Shadow

    Prypiat ShadowPřed 2 dny

    CBT Transition exsists Me: hahaha cock and ball tort***

  4. Persilious

    PersiliousPřed 3 dny

    This guy's verbal gymnastics piss me off and make me click away to something with more balanced presentation

  5. a4hope2011

    a4hope2011Před 3 dny

    I'm gonna unsubscribe unless you start spelling "brakes" properly.

  6. Mahir Abrar

    Mahir AbrarPřed 4 dny

    JERRY IS 20 ??????

  7. wesdsomething

    wesdsomethingPřed 4 dny

    Alonso won in a Renault twice

  8. Eduardo

    EduardoPřed 5 dny

    F1 is dead, too many freaking rules, and no soul. :(

  9. Frankie Ag Nostos

    Frankie Ag NostosPřed 5 dny

    Williams is gone - sold off to an investment company.

  10. ციფრული ოთახი

    ციფრული ოთახიPřed 6 dny

    Did Envy rivals kill Williams Team?

  11. Tyler Perlenfein

    Tyler PerlenfeinPřed 6 dny

    The 2022 season with new cars and a budget cap will be really interesting to watch because the field could potentially be the most balanced it has been in a while.

  12. T. B. R.

    T. B. R.Před 6 dny

    Cvt would have sounded awful

  13. Rachel Purity

    Rachel PurityPřed 7 dny

    The FIA just hates anything that isn't standard. They ban all progress

  14. mike mitchell

    mike mitchellPřed 7 dny

    Talk about cheating out on the tires

  15. Jutsch80HD

    Jutsch80HDPřed 7 dny

    Can you please create a second channel where you upload the same videos just without the lamp attempts of "humor"? Its so cringe it makes it almost unwatchable

  16. Francisco Pena

    Francisco PenaPřed 8 dny

    i refuse to believe u were born the same year that i did

  17. Maxwell Atha

    Maxwell AthaPřed 8 dny

    Was going to like but then you plugged that dumbass vaccine ad

  18. MrStatguy

    MrStatguyPřed 8 dny

    Love the fact that the graphics have Senna's helmet in there. Awesome

  19. Ross Miller

    Ross MillerPřed 9 dny

    This part of F1 fucking sucks If one team of engineers is better than another they should be allowed to have a dominant car F1 is made to be on the limit of what is possible and they intentionally ban good pieces of engineering so that donkey drivers like fucking mazepin can finish a few places up on the grid

  20. Michael Cabardo

    Michael CabardoPřed 9 dny

    I'm older than Jerry wtf

  21. Santosh Peri

    Santosh PeriPřed 9 dny

    And thanks to the usual FIA shit rules, it took away lives of some really good drivers along with an all time LEGEND - SENNA THE RAIN KING :'(

  22. Luke Schilling

    Luke SchillingPřed 9 dny

    This guy said “I was born in 2001, you can do the math” like. So was I. No maths needed bro.

  23. Andrea Semenza

    Andrea SemenzaPřed 10 dny

    Made a video on ferrari f1 2004

  24. Matt Sinna

    Matt SinnaPřed 10 dny

    Verstappen champion, 2021

  25. Michael Ryan

    Michael RyanPřed 10 dny

    wait a second, this guy is younger then me?...

  26. Antonio DBZ

    Antonio DBZPřed 10 dny

    Јеrry is 20?? Mdfka looks 30

  27. Mark Wilson

    Mark WilsonPřed 10 dny

    17:47 Renault 2005-2006 would like a word with you

  28. John Dullebawn

    John DullebawnPřed 11 dny

    why not just add an auto pilot system incase the driver makes a mistake to? Drivers like Verstappen, Alonso, Hamilton ect ect are great to watch currently as its all their skill that makes the difference, compare Hamilton and Verstappen to their team-mates thats the differnece and thats what makes watching them amazing. If you add all this to cars again the difference between them and their team-mates would be alot closer who wants to see a car make up all that difference? I don't. Also part of the enjoyment is watching these drivers on the edge knowing any small mistake can take them out of the race at anytime, not watching a car save the day.

  29. lerx

    lerxPřed 11 dny

    jesus christ youre 1 year older than me BUT IM A KID???!!!!!

  30. xinu

    xinuPřed 11 dny

    17:46 Don't forget Renault in 2005 and 2006

  31. Anthony 919

    Anthony 919Před 11 dny

    "F1 wants the best drivers to win, not the best engineers"..... Hamilton 😂😂😂

  32. Data Dots

    Data DotsPřed 12 dny

    Wow Jeremiah is young omg

  33. AugmentedGravity

    AugmentedGravityPřed 12 dny

    Those good ol' liveries.

  34. Erik Laudenslager

    Erik LaudenslagerPřed 13 dny

    I've wondered what kind of a car you'd get if it was built with all the banned goodies.

  35. CadetSparklez

    CadetSparklezPřed 13 dny

    the air filter on that old truck cant be good for u

  36. nukularpictures

    nukularpicturesPřed 14 dny

    This is so stupid. They should have started with just limiting the money for a team. If you just want drivers give them the same car. If you want both, dont limit the engineering. At least not that all new innovation is banned automatically. Maybe have it, that at the end of season all teams have to share their technical details. That way the technological progress is faster, driving gets more safe and you will not have an infinite streak of one team winning. There would be so many better ways to solve this problem...

  37. JAM

    JAMPřed 14 dny


  38. Anthony Leon

    Anthony LeonPřed 15 dny

    I'm 20 this dude is fucking young lol

  39. Stephane Landry

    Stephane LandryPřed 15 dny

    I liked because Mazepin lol

  40. ds

    dsPřed 16 dny

    Great video, do Americans really spell “brake” as “break”? That’s so weird.

  41. Brutalious

    BrutaliousPřed 14 dny

    No, we don't. It was either a subtle joke or just a smooth-brained goof.

  42. Keagan Agonia

    Keagan AgoniaPřed 16 dny

    Say your tired of a black man winning the world’s richest sport…

  43. Ivan Bima

    Ivan BimaPřed 9 dny

    Most people just bored sees Hamilton wins because he mostly won for the last 6-7 years. The same story happens on Schumacher era

  44. Abdriel Soto

    Abdriel SotoPřed 16 dny

    We're only a year apart in age cool

  45. John S

    John SPřed 16 dny

    It’s so sad to look at what Williams is now

  46. Old Rageface

    Old RagefacePřed 16 dny

    smh my head, it should be ILLEGAL to ban such genius. Rather than swinging the ban hammer at everything that could really be revolutionary for the car industry, try to revolutionize your own system, dear FIA, and implement some negative feedback mechanism that doesn't let strong teams get stronger without control.

  47. Hotpack

    HotpackPřed 16 dny

    Listen to your common Sense. Williams denied sending Millions to specific Bank Accounts. All other Car manufacturers had because of Car sells way more Money in the Back - so they send Money and Bit.. and so they make the Rules with Campagne in there Hands on a Yacht in Saint Tropez. 40 Years ago this Sport follows the "Naturaly Roots Rule" where all Racing/running-sense come from *Survival of the Fittest/fastest*. F1 is Survival of the Wealthest.

  48. bassplayer2011ify

    bassplayer2011ifyPřed 16 dny

    Williams should actually be thanking the FIA for banning cvts. While the concept is looks good on paper in practice it doesn't work that well (see any Nissan road car from the last decade). Main reason is it has one critical failure point the belt. If that fails you go from blasting down to the track to a dead stop with no drive train. With a traditional transmission if you lose a gear you still have a drive train. Yeah sure you have to skip shift but it's better then getting a dnf because the belt broke.

  49. japanalchemist

    japanalchemistPřed 16 dny

    Tbf technically Ferrari sells road cars to pay for the racing, doesn't help all that much these days

  50. T G

    T GPřed 17 dny

    3:34 you slipping donut media editors. You slipping hard.

  51. Robert Givens

    Robert GivensPřed 17 dny

    Imagine being a williams competitor and the rule comes out saying your gear box must be finite

  52. Robert Givens

    Robert GivensPřed 17 dny

    Finding out this dude is 20 pisses me off

  53. Mega OOF

    Mega OOFPřed 17 dny

    In conclusion, Williams should have sand bagged in testing so that their cvt did not get banned.

  54. Neuro

    NeuroPřed 17 dny

    Good question... If the car has traction control ABS stability control etc.... Sooo...... Whats the point of having a driver? Might as well have a self driving car.... They are killing the purpose of racing its not about who's the fastest with assist its about who's skilled Enough to reach the finish line in 1st in 1 piece instead of a square shape... Safety aside some stuff like traction control and other stuff are not supposed to be implemented in the higher class... Sure for beginners its best to have some assist so that they can have the feel for it.. but for an F1 driver you should be skilled Enough to handle the car qith no assist else your no different than a grandma in her hellcat.

  55. Chaotic Junior

    Chaotic JuniorPřed 17 dny

    Screw the fia let donut take over

  56. Fernando Takeshi Sato

    Fernando Takeshi SatoPřed 17 dny

    I....really dislike Williams. Not only were they insanely good, but I hated Prost and loved to hate on Mansell...then Senna went on to Williams, "the best driver, the best car" they said...and then Imola...Tamburello...and a whole country ground to a halt to say goodbye to one of its most illustrious sons.

  57. JDMdrifterboy7

    JDMdrifterboy7Před 17 dny

    What does Williams sell? Anything available in the US?

  58. Sascha Neuman

    Sascha NeumanPřed 17 dny

    no thats not the reason one name adrian newey

  59. Ryan Twomey

    Ryan TwomeyPřed 17 dny

    if they want F1 To truly be the drivers race either A make the drivers footrace Or B have them all drive the same exact car

  60. AlienRocket25

    AlienRocket25Před 17 dny

    This dude is born 2001 ? What ? HAHAHAHA he looks like a middle aged Woody Harrelson brahh in ded

  61. Sam Clarke

    Sam ClarkePřed 18 dny

    The Senna Helmet on the Williams is a nice touch. I see you animators.

  62. Monki101

    Monki101Před 18 dny

    Gotta love how a team spends tons of money on developing their car, succeeds, only for the FIA to ban their tech. They have far too much power

  63. Dihydrogen Monoxide

    Dihydrogen MonoxidePřed 18 dny

    holy shit i'm older then jerry. did not see that coming

  64. TheMrCritto

    TheMrCrittoPřed 18 dny

    A 90 second video sponsor, a 60 second merch plug and multiple pop up ads, one of which gave me 3 ads in a row. This platform is dead. I feel bad for the content creators tbh, they will soon see their viewers go elsewhere for entertainment.

  65. IDeoI

    IDeoIPřed 18 dny

    I love '90s F1! Villeneuve 4 ever :) Totally insane driver. Yeah, their active suspension was fkin awesome in that time! after 2000 F1 goes to.... so it was booooring, Ferrari cheatc like hell, now Mercedes cheats too... Everybody knows who will win the next race, so....its not a racing sport anymore :( Money money money....money money money....money money money.... like a Pay to win game, u know what I mean.

  66. seamonkey2010

    seamonkey2010Před 19 dny


  67. Damion Lee

    Damion LeePřed 19 dny

    Couple of disappointing parts to this video. "What do Williams sell? Nothing"... How did your research not flag up Williams Grand Prix Holdings? Sure Williams Racing is the most well known element, but there is also Williams Hybrid Power LTD, and Williams Advanced Engineering LTD. These commercial wings of Williams are responsible for the development and production of significant technology used in the Automotive, Motorsports, Aerospace sectors, to name but a few. Williams don't sell consumer products like Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull etc. But the racing team fronts a number of commercial products. As examples, the battery systems for the Gen3 Formula E cars are to be supplied by WAE. The flywheel hybrid power store systems used by UK public transport operator Go-Ahead Group are developed and supplied by WHP. The other disappointment was the information about the CVT. CVT technology can be great. It is often misunderstood, and thanks to manufacturers of road cars originally recreating the gear change feel of a standard transmission in early CVTs, they got an unfair reputation for being clunky and unreliable. In the case of Williams F1 however, that CVT would never have seen race day track use. Whilst constant peak power is great for performance, it sucks for fuel economy and engine reliability. At a time where refueling was a significant strategy point, and engine reliability was mediocre at best, the CVT was not the solution Williams needed for their F1 cars. Neither Patrick Head, nor Adrian Newey liked the CVT. Renault would have had to completely redevelop the engine to enable it to cope with running at 15k for a full race, and it wasn't even clear they would have been able to do that. Williams would have had to find a way to deal with the amount of heat the CVT unit developed, and there was a significant issue with just how damn heavy the thing was. Williams were working with Hub van Doorne on that CVT. Van Doorne were well know for their CVT technology, Variomatic, which was used in their commercial vehicles arm, commonly known as DAF. That CVT was never really a practical option for F1 with the way the technology was at the time (and it really wouldn't be a practical option in modern F1 either). But it produced a huge amount of press coverage for Williams Racing, Hub van Doorne, and DAF. I doubt Frank would admit to it, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was involved in getting the FIA to introduce the 2 - 7 discrete gear ratio rule that effectively banned the CVT. That way, Williams would not have to explain why they never entered a CVT equipped car in a race.

  68. Yacine ALG

    Yacine ALGPřed 19 dny

    This is why world innovations and technologies are slowing down, just because of rules and restrictions like these

  69. Chris Stewart

    Chris StewartPřed 19 dny

    Hey I wanted to get a stocky but it only ships to the U.S, any plans on coming to Canada :(

  70. Dark Turtle

    Dark TurtlePřed 19 dny

    That integra looks sooo cool I can't wait till I buy one myself I may be 16 but I'm gonna do it

  71. Lynestro The Conqueror

    Lynestro The ConquerorPřed 20 dny

    If y'all do more Stocky models y'all should consider a '79 F100, Squarebody Chevrolet, and facelifted first gen Ram. Iconic truck designs.

  72. Jerry J.

    Jerry J.Před 20 dny

    The rules are technical and logical. I'm trying to visualize the F1 Rule Enforcer. I'm imagining a person w/ big glasses and a leather bound rulebook full of post its.

  73. AJ717

    AJ717Před 20 dny

    Only the FIA would stick by obsolete rules... Then again, I live in a country that was invaded by it's country... So it's not surprising...

  74. Rahmet.96

    Rahmet.96Před 21 dnem

    5:04 No vecouse i dont have air bags abs esp ect in my manual golf mk3 here in europe 😂😂😂

  75. Alwar Berigai

    Alwar BerigaiPřed 21 dnem

    mazepin sucks, glad donut also thinks the same too

  76. Jsweizston

    JsweizstonPřed 21 dnem

    They also banned actual great sounding engines.

  77. Brian S

    Brian SPřed 21 dnem

    Analog Breaks? What intern made this graphic 😆 anti lock brakes fool

  78. TheBajamin

    TheBajaminPřed 22 dny

    Imagine being so dumb you think a 99/99 survival virus requires a vaccine lololololol. Its the bird flu all over again!!!

  79. formulafan

    formulafanPřed 22 dny

    Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

  80. Mahmoud Alriffi

    Mahmoud AlriffiPřed 22 dny

    engineering is considered an unfair advantage but spending insane amounts of money to also gain an advantage isn't, what a crap sport and a joke.

  81. Uncle Joe

    Uncle JoePřed 23 dny

    Can I swap the old American truck for cash?


    WaRLoKWYATTPřed 23 dny

    Analog brakes? I think the graphics guy meant to put "anti-lock brakes", but is stupid. Lol

  83. Rafael Mazzeo

    Rafael MazzeoPřed 23 dny

    No way this dude was born in 2001. He looks like a fit 35yo. Get out of the sun kid!

  84. Kelly Arthur

    Kelly ArthurPřed 23 dny

    Actually, the engine produces as much power as ever, CVT just means the power gets to the pavement more usefully.

  85. maxgear432

    maxgear432Před 24 dny

    FIA is full of shit

  86. Billy Andriamahazomandimby

    Billy AndriamahazomandimbyPřed 24 dny

    FIA be like that teacher at my middleschool.

  87. CJinSD1

    CJinSD1Před 24 dny

    The reason for Williams' active suspension was to maintain a steady ride height. The cars developed much of their downforce by accelerating the air under the cars' floors as it exited at the rear of the cars. Active suspension allowed the cars to run extremely low which maximized the effect.

  88. FlameVille B.I.C

    FlameVille B.I.CPřed 24 dny

    Too good Too soon: Williams

  89. Sehaj Kaler

    Sehaj KalerPřed 24 dny

    Hold up… Jeremiah is 1 year older than me??? What! I thought he was like 25 or something

  90. Morgan Faw

    Morgan FawPřed 24 dny

    Loved this video! Could y'all do a video on why Rotaries were banned in Lemans?

  91. Vinícius Schadeck

    Vinícius SchadeckPřed 24 dny

    i lost interest in f1 years ago just because always the same teams wins... stock car races are much funnier, nascar too... well if had 2 kind of really giant race car league, free tech one and totally same cars only based on team human skills will be really fucking awesome!

  92. MrBlacksight

    MrBlacksightPřed 25 dny

    Ferrari doesn't race in order to sell sport cars, the sell sport cars in order to race.

  93. AckEr

    AckErPřed 25 dny

    is jerry really my age? can i work for donut too?

  94. rvndy1

    rvndy1Před 25 dny

    there is absolutely no shot i am older than jerry

  95. Benjamin Curtis

    Benjamin CurtisPřed 25 dny

    I hate when people say they did it to make more entertaining you know what is entertaining people doing their best to create a fast car and then us getting to see said fast car make laps on a track. I don’t care how many times someone wins. It doesn’t make it less entertaining. If you can make a car better you should be able to if other teams can’t solve the issues that is their fault. Races for me have always been about the cars and the speed rather than that driver is maybe slightly better.

  96. Polico Paul

    Polico PaulPřed 25 dny

    yea lets put all king o electronic in F1 cars and make it more borring ats it is

  97. Emo Bassist

    Emo BassistPřed 25 dny

    Loving Donuts Formula one series

  98. Faiz Affendie

    Faiz AffendiePřed 25 dny

    I was today years old when I know that jerry is even younger than me. 💀

  99. Callsign Legend

    Callsign LegendPřed 26 dny

    I'm a year older than this guy? Cap This dude isn't legally allowed to drink. Let that sink in for a second.

  100. Matheus Aguiar

    Matheus AguiarPřed 26 dny

    No way this dude is only 20 jesus I feel like a child close to him lol

  101. Kalasmourn Rex

    Kalasmourn RexPřed 26 dny

    Funny since the best engineers win F1 right now.

  102. burninpotato

    burninpotatoPřed 26 dny

    Can we get a race like f1 but it focuses on engineering